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Fresha Exports produce offering is built on the best of what New Zealand has to offer and this is supplemented with products from Australia and around the globe to ensure that we can provide our customers with year round supply options.

We can assist you with sea or air freight options to ensure that the produce range you are after is supplied to you in the optimum condition, and we can handle single item or mixed container orders, and have the ability to consolidate your produce requirements with other compatible products.

Information on the two most popular items for the Pacific Islands is as follows:-

Brown Onions



Brown onions(copy)   Apples(copy)
Popular variety's: Brown or Red   Popular variety's: Royal Gala, Braeburn, Pacific Rose and Granny Smith
Grading: No 1 - perfect shape, no stains
No 2 - may be miss-shapen or water stained
  Grading: Class 1 - perfect shape and full colour
Class 2 - may be miss shapen and not full colour
Sizes: 45/65 and 60/70   Counts: 100, 110, 120, 135, 150, 165 and 185
Shipped: In open sided or door tied back containers   Shipped: In refrigerated containers between 0 and 1oC


Many fresh fruit and vegetables are subject to seasonal availability as demonstrated by the following summary for selected items:-

Fresh Fruit


Fresh Vegetables

Apples - Royal Gala Feb - Aug   Artichokes - Globe Sep - Nov
Apples - Braeburn Apr - Dec   Asparagus Sep - Dec
Apples - Granny Smith May - Dec   Beans Dec - Apr
Avocados Year round   Beetroot Nov - Apr
Blueberries Dec - Mar   Cabbages - Green Year round
Boysenberries Nov - Jan   Cabbages - Red Apr - Jun
Cherries Dec - Jan   Capsicums Jan - Apr
Grapes Feb - Mar   Carrots Year round
Grapes (imported) Year round   Cauliflowers Year round
Kiwifruit Apr - Nov   Celery Year round
Nashi Mar - Apr   Courgettes Oct - Apr
Navel Oranges Jul - Oct   Cucumbers - Short Jan - Sep
Oranges (imported) Year round   Cucumbers - Telegraph May - Jan
Pears Feb - Nov   Garlic Year round
Strawberries Oct - Mar   Kumara Mar - Nov
Tamarillos May - Oct   Lettuces Year round
      Mushrooms Year round
      Onions Year round
      Parsnips Feb - Dec
      Potatoes Year round
      Tomatoes - Hothouse Year round
      Tomatoes - Outdoor Dec - Apr
      Witloof Aug - Sep

Please feel free to contact us  to discuss your produce requirements in more detail.
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