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Located in the spectacular Hawkes Bay province, High Country Angus is nearly 4,000 acres of idyllic farmland with pristine water supply from lakes on the property and a large river which abounds the Stations whole Northern boundary.

HIgh Country operate a certified Angus cattle program, with high yield performing Angus Bulls and selectively proven breeding cows, and they market this high quality product under the High Country Angus brand.   In addition they also produce and process the other main traditional beef breeds here in NZ like Hereford, Limousin and Murray Grey, which are marketed under a seperate brand.

Due to the location of the property, the High Country cattle are very Isolated from any other farms providing a natural barrier to potential disease outbreaks, and all the meat produced from their cattle is totally traceable, thanks to the National Animal Identity Tag program.

HIgh Country Angus offer the full range of premium steer cuts, and have the ability to customise product to your specific needs whether that is chilled or frozen.

Please feel free to contact us if you have interest in learning more about this unique product opportunity.

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