Get a trusted team to export your quality goods.


A complete solution

Having a partner who can be relied on to support your business is critical to markets where in many cases shipping frequencies are measured in weeks not days.



Our industry experts are well acquainted with every stage of the process.



From customer service to global delivery, we provide the utmost reliable experience.



We only select products of the highest quality and ensure the best care throughout transit.

The Fresha Way

Since 1983, we’ve been exporting NZ food products to the Pacific - always delivered in excellent condition. Proudly offering a complete solution to distribution, Fresha Export helps suppliers sell & provide while making it easy for importers to purchase & receive quality products.

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Our Process


Identifying the best quality food products for distribution.


Carefully preparing products for their journey in the air or across the sea.


Arranging and completing all essential paperwork and certification.


Managing the entire shipping process from NZ to the Pacific.


Want your NZ food product in the Pacific?

From product selection to logistics and payment, we take responsibility for the entire process, end-to-end.


Want NZ’s premium food in your store?

We’ve been exporting New Zealand’s best-known food brands to countries across the Pacific since 1983.

Some of our Key Partners


Australia's leading branded food exporter


Mouth watering Green and SunGold Kiwifruit

Homegrown Juice

Raw cold pressed and pasteurised juice blends


Innovative cheese and butter products

Much Moore Ice Cream

Award winning ice cream and delicious frozen treats

Freshco NZ

Premium NZ grown apples including Breeze, New Zealand's earliest apple to be harvested

Talley's Vegetables

Vegetables grown in the clean, fertile soils of New Zealand's South Island

Westpac Mussels

Specialists in the growing, harvesting, processing, and packing the best New Zealand Greenshell Mussels

Chelsea Sugar

For over 130 years Kiwi's have enjoyed Chelsea sugars and syrups in their favourite baking

Naked Locals

Soups made with produce from New Zealand farms in regions well known for these key ingredients

Regal Salmon

Raised in the clean and cold waters of the Marlborough Sounds, known for its incredible flavour, colour, texture and healthy omego 3's


Pams sources and brands a wide variety of supermarket goods across their homebrand range

Whittaker's Chocolate

New Zealand's finest chocolate


New Zealand's award winning, premium and biggest exported beer

Griffin's Biscuits

A delicious selection of New Zealand's most loved bikkies

Egmont Honey

One of the largest producers of New Zealand Manuka Honey, Health and Wellness products

Canary Foods

Butter and cheese products designed and manufactured to customers requirements


The big crispy crunch that Kiwis love!

Our Partners

We build partnerships with the best NZ suppliers and importers across the Pacific.

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“Fresha is our top export supplier of choice from New Zealand. We have been working closely with Fresha for over 10 years bringing quality and reputable products from New Zealand to Tonga. Fresha's reliability and trustworthiness has contributed to our stable growth of sales & distribution channel through out these years”.

- Jimmy Guo | New Era - Tonga | Owner / CEO

"We have worked with Fresha Export as a strategic partner in the Pacific for over 20 years.  It has always been a  collaborative relationship where we have total transparency around what is happening in each of the markets.  Fresha has worked with us in developing the brand across the region and we truly value the long standing partnership and look forward to continuing the work together".

- Marcus G Moore | Much Moore Ice Cream Company | CEO

“Couldn't ask for a better partner in an export house. Fresha's representation of quality NZ goods, continued support and enthusiasm of new product launches and efficiency from documentation to delivery is outstanding”.

- Dan Forsyth | Prime Foods - Cook Islands | Owner / Director