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Import from the best food
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Providing end-to-end distribution and ongoing promotional support.

  • Fresha Export has state-of-the-art infrastructure.
  • Our distribution service is flexible and hassle-free.
  • Backed by over 35 years of demographic knowledge.
  • Providing expert assistance with product selection.
  • Offering promotional services to increase sales.

Access an expansive
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The cream of the crop. New Zealand’s dairy products are world-renowned for their rich quality that comes from cattle being predominantly grass-fed.


A wide variety of species are harvested from NZ’s pristine waterways with careful attention to meeting the latest standards for sustainable aquaculture.


Raised in lush open pastures, NZ’s beef and lamb have a premium quality that’s sought after around the world. We load at the source to retain this excellence.


Providing NZ’s best in-season fruits and vegetables alongside premium produce from around the globe allows access to quality options no matter the time of year.


We supply a broad range of NZ’s most popular Fast Moving Consumer Goods and continually introduce the country’s newest, exciting products.

Passionate about Quality

Learn more about our NZ suppliers and importers across the Pacific.

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A Premium Distribution Service

Fresha Export has built a strong reputation for risk-free distribution of NZ food products.

Smart purchasing


We help you choose the best food products for your business from NZ’s top suppliers.

Risk-free delivery


We’ve been trusted with food product distribution, from NZ to the Pacific, since 1983.

Brand building


After delivery, we offer marketing assistance, including in-store tastings and NZ-themed promotions.

What our Importers say

“We have been working alongside Fresha Export for several years, the level of service and dedication to represent the best NZ has to offer with integrity means I can be confident my customers are getting the best they can out of NZ.  The team at Fresha demonstrate quality in the produce they supply.  The communication, documentation and support is quick, concise and reliable”.

- Frederik Tissot | SOPLI - New Caledonia | Director

“Couldn't ask for a better partner in an export house. Fresha's representation of quality NZ goods, continued support and enthusiasm of new product launches and efficiency from documentation to delivery is outstanding”.

- Dan Forsyth | Prime Foods - Cook Islands | Owner / Director

“For years Fresha has been our reliable source of NZ products to the Marshall Islands.  The outstanding service they provide is a relief from issues that surround our operation. During trying times you need someone to be there for you.  It's not just about great products but the relationship.  They understand the importance of keeping us supplied, and fight for the best deals and they care. It's trust and cooperation and that is why Fresha is a must have partner in our portfolio."

- Eli Maravilla | K&K Island Pride - Majuro | General Manager