Homegrown Juice Company

Shaking up the industry with their raw juices, grown & cold pressed in NZ


The Belief

The Homegrown Juice company believes in striving to produce the best-tasting and healthiest juices and smoothies in the world - that's why they exist!

The Homegrown Juice Company stands out from the crowd with their cold pasteurisation technique. Unlike heat pasteurisation used by most juice companies in New Zealand, Homegrown’s cold technique leaves vitamins and minerals where they belong — in the juice. The result is a delicious bottle of goodness that surpasses all food safety standards while still maintaining the nutrition of raw juice. 

In addition, the company is focused on using the latest growing practices in their New Zealand orchards; this means each fruit picked is at its very best. Continuous innovation is at the core of Homegrown’s ethos. They are always looking to refine their growing methods to produce the highest quality juices and smoothies. 

The taste speaks for itself. The Homegrown Juice Company has created several mouthwatering products unlike anything else on the New Zealand market. Fresha Export is proud to support such a future-focused company, and we couldn’t be more delighted to bring the delicious Homegrown taste to the Pacific.

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The Journey

The Homegrown Juice Company began with a single orange orchard planted by the Brownlie family in 1969. Fast forward to the present day, and they now own the largest area of orange orchards in New Zealand. Most of which are in Gisborne and New Zealand’s fruit bowl, Hawkes Bay.  

They’ve come a long way since 1969, but have always stayed true to their heritage by growing and sourcing locally wherever possible. They believe the best quality begins at home – another reason why Fresha Export is such a proud supporter.

The Brand Today

The Homegrown Juice Company is now a household name, sold in supermarkets, restaurants, bars, and cafes around the country. Available in an array of sizes and flavours, it’s not uncommon to see someone going about their business with a Homegrown juice in hand. 

Here at Fresha Export, we’re proud to work with The Homegrown Juice Company as their distribution partner. It’s always a treat to support authentic companies with innovative products, and Homegrown is no different.