Sialasa Kiso

Sialasa Kiso

Export System Manager (Produce Division)

I’m known as July in New Zealand, but in my birth place of Samoa where I was a school teacher I am better known as Sialasa. I immigrated from Samoa in 2002 and after working in various jobs I found my calling and commenced working alongside my uncle in exporting produce in 2005. Three years later I joined Mike in his produce business to head the Export Division and then followed him to Bidvest Exports in 2011.

With over 15 years’ experience in exporting fresh produce across the Pacific, I’m pleased to rejoin Mike and the Fresha team to run the export system for the Fresha Produce division.

When I’m not working I enjoy seeing my three girls grow up and going to church with my amazing wife Marjorie.

I hung up my boots five years ago but I still love my Rugby.  I’m a proud supporter of the All Blacks & the Auckland Blues. I also love Rugby League supporting the Maroons/Queensland in State of Origin and follow the Brisbane Broncos in the NRL.