Bringing premium New Zealand dairy products to the Pacific


The Belief

Dairyworks is a dairy production company born from a passion for creating quality dairy products. Keeping to their core value of innovation, they’ve built a glowing reputation as one of New Zealand’s best dairy producers.

The Three Brands

Dairyworks, sold to NZX listed Synlait comprises three brands – Alpine and Rolling Meadow primarily for the domestic market, and Dairyworks for both domestic and the main export brand – the enterprise produces several ranges of premium dairy products, giving their customers plenty to choose from.

Looking at Alpine and Rolling Meadow, these brands master the dairy staples. From classic cheeses like edam, colby, and mozzarella, to golden, natural butter, you can count on these brands to have the products you’re looking for. The cheeses come in blocks or pre-grated in resealable bags, giving options for every cooking purpose. 

As for Dairyworks, this brand offers a more extensive line of products. Alongside their premium cheese and butter ranges, they also create snacks like cheese chunks & pretzels, yoghurt & muesli, and miniature cheese sticks, perfect for every cheese-lover’s lunchbox.

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The Journey

Dairyworks was born in the Canterbury plains in 2001, located right in the heart of the region’s dairy farms. Originally Dairyworks began supplying only to New Zealand retailers. However, the demand for their products grew rapidly, and Dairyworks started to distribute the freshness of kiwi dairy to Australian consumers.  

Throughout their journey, packaging has always been important to Dairyworks, which is why each product has packaging that’s easy to open, simple to store, and tailored to keep up with the fast pace of everyday life. All of their products are encased in innovative packaging that you can rely on to keep your diary fresher for longer.

The Brand Today

Today Dairyworks are a household name across New Zealand. It’s common to find a Dairyworks product or two in the family fridge – if they haven’t been eaten already! However, branching out from just home cooking, they have a strong market in commercial kitchens. Cafes, bakeries, and restaurants throughout New Zealand hold their products in high regard, with the demand for powdered parmesan and grated cheese being consistently popular. 

Taking pride in achieving the highest food safety standards, Dairyworks commits to hygienic, safe, and efficient working practices throughout the enterprise. Always looking to embody their core value of innovation, they invest heavily into continual research, always aiming to discover paths for improvement. 

Fresha Export is proud to be working with Dairyworks as one of their trusted partners in distribution, helping deliver their exceptional dairy products to consumers across the Pacific.